Percentage of ASV integration events with respect to RefSeq gene structure

Location% of integrationsa
5 kb upstream of genes4.4c11.22.92.1 (2.5)d
±5 kb from transcription start8.4c20.2e10.8e4.3 (5.1)d
±1 kb from CpG islands3.1f16.8e2.12.1
  • a Values for ASV and MLV were found to be significantly different (P ≤ 0.0034).

  • b Data from the work of Wu et al. (43).

  • c Distinguishable from random integration (P ≤ 0.02) by using one-sided test of the binomial proportion.

  • d Values in parentheses indicate expected proportional increase in RefSeq targets by using the July 2003 assembly versus the November 2002 assembly used by Wu et al. (43).

  • e Distinguishable from random integration, as described by Wu et al. (43).

  • f Value is indistinguishable from random value (P = 0.869) by one-sided test of the binomial proportion.