WSSV structural ORFs including partial annotation

VP no.NameaWSSV ORFbBand no.cSequence coverage (%)ORF sizeApparent VP size (mol mass [kDa])eRGD motiffTM domainsgSP sequencehReference
Amino acidMol mass (kDa)d
1VP664WSSV4191, 2, 3146077664∼664, 186, 161+This study
2VP180WSSV0521684169+14 (VP1684)
3VP136AWSSV326491219135136++This study
4VP136BWSSV5244<11243138136+This study
5VP110WSSV09254972108110+++This study
6VP95WSSV50281080089.495+14 (VP800)
7VP75WSSV38810178687.675+This study
8VP73WSSV27511167476.273+14 (VP674)
9VP60AWSSV381131146551.160++This study
10VP60BWSSV47413254461.860+14 (VP544)
11VP55WSSV05144850.2+14 (VP448)
12VP53AWSSV067155130114453++This study
13VP53BWSSV17115196810853+This study
14VP53CWSSV32415348956.353+This study
15VP51AWSSV29416648651.551++This study
16VP51BWSSV311161938443.251++14 (VP384)
17VP51CWSSV364162146651.95114 (VP466)
18VP41AWSSV293181629233.241+14 (VP292)
19VP41BWSSV29818830034.44114 (VP300)
20VP39AWSSV36219241947.539This study
21VP39BWSSV39519122833239This study
22VP38AWSSV31420830935.538This study
23VP38BWSSV44920432135.838This study
24VP36AWSSV13421329733.136++This study
25VP36BWSSV30921428131.636+13, 14 (VP281)
26VP35WSSV01922826.35, 6
27VP32WSSV25323327831.432This study
28VP31WSSV39624162613031+This study
29VP28WSSV48025, 26, 274420422.129, 27, 26++46, 47
32VP22WSSV359891100+14 (VP184)
35VP13AWSSV339321610011.113+This study
36VP13BWSSV377321111713.113++This study
37VP12BWSSV4453319686.812+14 (VP68)
38VP12AWSSV065951114 (VP95)
39VP11WSSV39434143348.211++This study
  • a The names used here are based on the apparent molecular mass of the protein on SDS-PAGE. When a protein has previously been referred to by another name, the alternative name is given in parentheses in the reference column. For example, VP180 corresponds to VP1684 in reference 14.

  • b Based on the genome of the Taiwan isolate; GenBank accession no. AF440570.

  • c Band numbers are as shown in Fig. 2.

  • d Predicted molecular mass based on the ORF.

  • e The sizes (molecular mass) of the proteins of the WSSV virion were estimated after separation on SDS-PAGE.

  • f The presence of the putative cell attachment domain is shown by +.

  • g The presence of putative transmembrane (TM) domains is shown by +.

  • h The presence of a putative SP sequence is shown by +.