Differentially expressed proteins in nuclei of RSV-infected cellsa

FractionCommon nameAcc. numberExpectation scoreCovFCP value
WN, pH 3-8
2Lamin A/CNP_733822.13.10E-0420NA (I)0.000
3Cytokeratin 18AAH09754.14.00E-03154.70.013
43′-5′ RNA exonucleaseNP_1491002.30E-0312NA (I)<0.001
5G6PD75465231.10E-0218NA (I)0.001
WN, pH 5-8
7TAR DNA binding proteinNP<031401.1>8.90E-0814NA (I)0.006
8TAR DNA bindingNP_031401.16.80E-0314NA (I)0.006
Hi salt, pH 5-8
9Transl. elongation 2NP_001952.13.70E-0615NA (D)0.025
10Cytokeratin 8AAA35748.12.00E-0428NA (D)<0.001
11Nuclear RNA helicaseAAB50231.13.30E-0216
13Thioredoxin peroxidaseNP_006397.12.20E-161430.002
14MHC I ligand1EFX2.20E-059
16Hsp 70NP_694881.12.70E-103230.007
17Hsp 60AAA36022.16.90E-05192.60.001
18PLC alphaBAA03759.19.10E-08212.6<0.001
21TBP interacting proteinNP_006657.17.60E-073230.020
PNP, pH 5-8
22TCP1 ring complex21362533.30E-0316−2.30.021
23Proliferation-associated136328171.50E-0319NA (D)<0.001
24Enolase 1NP_001419.11.20E-0432−30.006
25Cytokeratin 18303111.00E-03177.5<0.001
  • a Shown are high-probability identifications from peptide mass fingerprinting in MALDI-TOF (Expectation score) grouped by subcellular fractionation and 2DE resolution method. WN, whole nuclei; Hi salt (0.4 M KCl extract), PNP, postnuclear pellet. The pH range is the first-dimension isoelectric focusing gradient. For each protein, the common name, GenBank accession number, expectation score (statistical significance of the match), percent coverage of the protein by peptides measured by MALDI-TOF (Cov), fold change in normalized spot volume (FC; signed ratio of treated to control), and P value of the two-tailed t test comparing control versus RSV-infected normalized spot volumes (after Bonferroni correction) are indicated. NA, not applicable (the spot volume for either the control or RSV-treated sample is undetectable, precluding a reliable FC calculation). Each spot identified as NA is designated as increased (I), indicating RSV increases its expression, or decreased (D), indicating RSV decreases its expression.