AGMs immunized with b/h PIV3/RSV F2 or b/h PIV3/sol RSV F2 induced hPIV3 neutralizing and HAI serum antibodies

Virus used for immunizationDate of serum collectionahPIV3-neutralizing geometric mean reciprocal log2 antibody titerReciprocal geometric mean PIV3 HAI antibody titerb
b/h PIV3/RSV F2Day 286.1128.011.3
Day 565.664.08.0
b/h PIV3/sol RSV F2Day 285.8128.016.0
Day 565.764.08.0
PlaceboDay 28<2.0<4.0<4.0
Day 56<2.0<4.0<4.0
  • a hPIV3 neutralizing antibody titers of <2.0 log2 and PIV3 HAI titers of <4.0 were present in day 1 sera.

  • b hPIV3/Wash/47885/57 and bPIV3/Kansas/15626/84 were used as antigens in the HAI assay.