Animals used in this study

AnimalMHC class I genotypeaVirusbPeak virus loadc (106 copies/ml)Setpoint virus loadd (106 copies/ml)
BA*01 A*02 B*17 B*29Wild type4.60.0515
EA*01 A*11 B*01 B*17 B*294.71.3
FA*01 A*11 B*17 B*294.10.0096
GA*01 A*02 B*17 B*293.40.0244
HA*01 B*17 B*291.60.0006
  • a Animals were typed for Mamu-A*01, -A*02, -A*08, -A*11, -B*01, -B*03, -B*04, -B*17, and-B*29 by PCR with sequence-specific primers (PCR-SSP) as described in Materials and Methods. The alleles listed gave positive results in replicate PCR-SSP assays.

  • b Animals were inoculated intravenously with 100 50% tissue culture infections doses of wild-type SIVmac239 or epitope mutant SIVmac239 (3×).

  • c Virus loads are shown as viral RNA copies per milliliter of plasma, as determined by the branched-chain DNA assay, and were reported previously (9).

  • d Geometric mean virus load between 12 and 40 weeks postinfection, based on ≥5 separate time points.

  • e Animal D died 30 weeks postinfection.