Characteristics of murine alpha/beta IFNs

GeneAllelic formaStrainN-glycosylation sitesbActivity levelAccession no. [strain(s)]
IFN-α1IFN-α1(129/Sv)129/Sv1MeanAY226993 (129/Sv)
IFN-α1C57BL/61MeanX01974 (BALB/c),c AY225950 (C57BL/6)
IFN-α2129/Sv1MeanX01969 (BALB/c)d,g
IFN-α4129/Sv1HighX01973 (BALB/c), AY220463 (129/Sv)d
IFN-α5129/Sv1MeanX01971 (BALB/c), AY220464 (129/Sv)h
IFN-α6T129/Sv0MeanAY220465 (129/Sv)h
IFN-α7/10IFN-α7/10129/Sv1LowM13710 (Swiss)g
IFN-α7/10(B6)C57BL/60LowAY225952 (C57BL/6)
IFN-α8/6IFN-α8/6129/Sv1MeanX01972 (BALB/c),g D00460 (Swiss),
IFN-α8/6(B6)C57BL/61MeanAY225953 (C57BL/6)
IFN-α9129/Sv1MeanM13660 (BALB/c)g,h
IFN-α11IFN-α11129/Sv1HighM68944 (Swiss)g
IFN-α11 (B6)C57BL/61HighAY225954 (C57BL/6)
IFN-α12C57BL/61HighAY225951 (C57BL/6)
IFN-α13129/Sv2MeanAY220461 (129/Sv)h
IFN-α14129/Sv0MeanAY220462 (129/Sv)h
IFN-αAi129/Sv0MeanM28587 (BALB/c)g,h
IFN-αB129/Sv1MeanL38698 (BALB/c)e,g
Limitin129/Sv1HighAB024521 (C57BL/6*DBA/2), AY220466 (129/Sv)f
  • a Alleles with less than 96% identity in the coding sequence.

  • b Number of sites.

  • c Five nucleotides diverge between the IFN-α1 alleles from BALB/c and C57BL/6 mice.

  • d Two nucleotides diverge between the IFN-α2 and IFN-α4 alleles from 129/Sv and C57BL/6 mice.

  • e Three nucleotides diverge between the IFN-αB alleles from 129/Sv and C57BL/6 mice.

  • f Two nucleotides diverge between the limitin alleles from 129/Sv and C57BL/6 mice.

  • g Sequence of the 129/Sv allele is identical.

  • h Sequence of the C57BL/6 allele is identical.

  • i Note that IFN-αA is also known as IFN-α3.

  • j ND, not done.