Summary of mutagenesis results

RepliconTranslation (%)Replication (%)aReversionb
1st bp
    79A-U1 (WT)100100
    79AxC19815Partial (C or U)
2nd bp
    78G-C2 (WT)100100
3rd bp
    77A-U3 (WT)100100
4th bp
    76U-A4 (WT)100100
5th bp
    75C-G5 (WT)100100
6th bp
    74U-G6 (WT)100100
  • a The translation and replication levels of mutant replicons are expressed as the replicons' Rluc activities as a percentage of the wild-type (WT) level at 2.5 and 72 h posttransfection, respectively.

  • b For reversion analysis, mutant replicons were extracted at 72 h posttransfection, polyadenylated, and subjected to 3′ RACE analysis (see details in Materials and Methods). ND, not determined.