Refinement statistics

Resolution range (Å)15-2.6
Rcryst (%) / Rfree (%)a0.225/0.270
No. of protein atoms/no. of water molecules2,082/10
Coordinate error (Å)b0.212
Real space CCc0.920
RMSDe from ideality for bonds (Å)/angles (°)0.016/1.534
Ramachandran plotd of most favored, additional, generously allowed (%) 97.3/2.7/0
Average B value (Å2)54.02
  • a Rcryst = Σ||Fo|−Fc||/ΣFo| where Fo and Fc are the structure factor amplitudes from the data and the model, respectively. Rfree is Rcryst with 5% of test set structure factors.

  • b Based on maximum liklihood.

  • c Correlation coefficient (CC) is between the model and 2mFoDFc density map.

  • d Calculated with PROCHECK (10).

  • e RMSD, root mean square difference.