Biological characteristics of Ad5 vectors carrying unliganded or liganded fibersa

Ad5 vectorVirion titerb (PP/ml)Infectious titerc (PFU/ml)PP/PFU ratio
AdGFP-WTFid1.00 × 10121.50 × 10117
AdGFP-R7-knobe1.00 × 10123.75 × 109266
AdGFP-QM10-knob3.20 × 10114.00 × 10980
AdGFP-SY12-knob1.10 × 10122.88 × 101038
  • a Samples of Ad5 vector, purified by ultracentrifugation in CsCl gradient, were assayed for infectivity and virion content.

  • b The number of virions present in each sample, comprising infectious and uninfectious virus particles, was calculated from the penton base protein content of the samples, determined by Western blot analysis (37).

  • c The titer in infectious particles was determined by plaque titration in 293 cells.

  • d Control vector with WT nonliganded, long-shafted fibers.

  • e Control vector with nonliganded, short-shafted fibers.

  • f NA, not applicable.