Soluble lamin A/C in infected and uninfected cellsa

NaCl concnSoluble lamin A/C in HSV-1(F)-infected HEp-2 cells (%)Soluble lamin A/C in uninfected HEp-2 cells (%)
0 mM20-23b20-23
500 mM40-46b, (50-55)c25-28
2.0 M60-70c60-70c
  • a Cells were infected or mock infected, and cell pellets were subjected to extraction under the indicated salt conditions. Extractions were performed in triplicate under the various conditions. Relative amounts of lamin A/C were determined by quantifying the chemiluminescence of immunoblots (Fig. 4) reacted with a lamin A/C-specific antibody on a PhosphorImager.

  • b Cells were not sonicated during extractions.

  • c Cells were sonicated briefly during extractions to facilitate separation of soluble and insoluble material.