Input doses of N-, B-, and NB-tropic viruses and percentages of infection

Cell line (species)Input dose (MDTF iu/ml)a% Infectionb
NIH 3T3 (mouse)3.9 × 10416<1NTc
BHK (hamster)2.8 × 104627NT
CPK (pig)2.3 × 104420NT
MDBK (cow)7.9 × 104<114NT
Tb-1-lu (bat)3.5 × 104<120NT
Vero (AGM)4 × 104<117NT
TE671 (human)5.6 × 103<12429
  • a Values are in MDTF iu determined by infection of Fv1-null MDTF cells

  • b Shown are percentages of infection for experiments performed in parallel. Equal MDTF iu of N- and B-GFP were used to infect 105 target cells. Infected cells were enumerated by FACS 48 h postinfection.

  • c NT, not tested.