gD mutations in selected virus isolatesa

GroupSubstitution (parental + new)bNew base changebFrequency (no. with mutation/total)cIsolate no.d
Expt 1 (2 passages)
    2R222N/F223I + A185TGCC→ACC2/72
Expt 2 (4 passages)
    3R222N/F223I + Q178HCAG→CAT7/83
    4R222N/F223I + Q178H/A185TCAG/GCC→CAT/ACC1/84
  • a K26-gD:2/3NI was passaged twice or four times through TMC-expressing cells, and progeny viruses were cloned by limiting dilution on J/A cells.

  • b Shown are amino acid or nucleotide changes (in boldface) in individual isolates.

  • c Number of isolates with the indicated mutation/total number of analyzed isolates in each experiment.

  • d Designation of a representative isolate from each group.