Patient characteristics, NCCR architecture, and replication capacity of recombinant JCV in cell culture

PatientSexAgeSample typeViral load (geq/mla)NCCR architectureReplication in cell cultureb
1M41Urine sample 1c6.43 × 105Archetype(+)
Plasma sample 1c5.53 × 102Insertion+
CSF-1c1.28 × 107Insertion++
CSF-23.35 × 107Insertion+
2M56CSF2.34 × 104Insertion++
3F45CSF6.12 × 102Insertion+
4M37CSF1.51 × 105Insertion+
5F27CSF2.58 × 105Insertion+++
6M39CSF2.27 × 103Deletion++
7M43CSF5.62 × 103Deletion++
8M55CSF3.28 × 104Deletion+++
NAdNANANANAInsertion (Mad-4)+++
  • a geq/ml, genome equivalents per milliliter.

  • b Graduation of virus replication in PDA cells, from only occasionally JCV-positive cells [(+)] to many JCV-positive cells (+++) per microscopy field.

  • c Day matched.

  • d NA, not applicable.