Summary of nucleotide and predicted amino acid differences observed in single-genome amplification sequences

StrainSequence no.Mutation type (nucleotide position)Effect on predicted polypeptide
Ken/07/80395Ken/07/80395/iiSubstitution (264)None
Ken/07/80395/iiiDuplication (599-606)Frameshift with a subsequent premature stop codon
Ken/08/80900Ken/08/80900/iiDeletion (792-851)Reduction of length by 20 amino acids
Ken/08/80900/iiiSubstitution (539)Isoleucine-to-threonine change
Ken/08/80767Ken/08/80767/iiSubstitution (592)Immediate premature stop codon
Ken/08/80767/iiiSubstitution (233)Threonine-to-serine change
Ken/08/80767/viSubstitution (664)Immediate premature stop codon
Ken/08/80767/vDeletion (599)Frameshift with a subsequent premature stop codon
Ken/08/80767/viDeletion (599)Frameshift with a subsequent premature stop codon
Deletion (792-851)No effect due to earlier frameshift; otherwise this would cause a 20-amino-acid deletion
Ken/08/80767/viiDeletion (836-939)Frameshift, with no subsequent stop codon within the region sequenced