Overview of red colobus PCR results for SIV, STLV-1, and SFVa

Red colobus animal no.Origin of sample(s)bSample(s) testedPCR result
SIV (wrc/generic)STLVSFV (wrc/generic)c
124DartedBuffy coat+++
125DartedBuffy coat+++
126DartedBuffy coat+++
127DartedBuffy coat++
128DartedBuffy coat+++
129DartedBuffy coat+++
130DartedBuffy coat+++
131DartedBuffy coat+
132DartedBuffy coat+−/+
133DartedBuffy coat+
3NecropsySpleen, lymph node+−/+
12NecropsySpleen, lymph node+++
23NecropsyLung, heart
43NecropsySpleen, lung, muscle++
66NecropsyLung, unidentified tissue+++
72NecropsyLiver, spleen+++
213NecropsySpleen, kidney, muscle++
236NecropsyLymph node++
268NecropsyLymph node, intestine−/+
276NecropsyLiver, lung+++
15CMRMuscle, bone marrow+/−+
30CMRBlood in RNA later+
68CMRTrachea, lymph node++
204CMRBlood+/no material−/no material
210CMRMuscle, blood++
269CMRMuscle, brain−/+
278CMRMuscle, bone marrow++/no material
279CMRMuscle, bone marrow+
280CMRMuscle+/−++/no material
Remaining 19 animalsCMRMuscle (7), blood (7), other tissue (7)def
  • a For SIV and SFV two different primer sets were used; where results agree only one result appears in the table.

  • b CMR, chimpanzee meal remain.

  • c Samples were tested with specific primers for red colobus virus (wrc) and with generic primers for virus.

  • d Numbers in parentheses are numbers of samples tested.

  • e Partial result; no material was available to test four individuals with generic primers for SIV.

  • f Partial result; no material was available to test five individuals with generic primers for SFV.