OCLN protein isoforms

OCLN protein isoformFeature(s)mRNA size (bp)Exon siteNo. of amino acidsProtein size (kDa)Protein domain(s)bGenBank accession no.Referencec
WT-OCLNWild type2,6402952259.14MARVEL, ELLU491842
OCLN-ex4delExon 4 deletion2,4782946852.71ELL11
OCLN-ex7extExon 7 extension, exon 8 and 9 deletion1,7092744754.12MARVEL, partial ELLGQ402517PS
OCLN-ex3pdelaExon 3 partial deletion1,2234927131.6ELLGQ225098PS
OCLN-ex3delaExon 3 deletion9754927131.6ELLFJ786083PS
OCLN-ex3-4delExon 3 and 4 deletion8135920023.3ELLFJ786084PS
OCLN-ex3p-9pdelExon 3 to 9 partial deletion31129697.6NoneGQ225096PS
OCLN-ex3p-7pdelExon 3 to 7 partial deletion41429707.7Partial ELLGQ225097PS
  • a These mRNA transcripts produce identical protein forms.

  • b The MARVEL transmembrane and extracellular domains are encoded by exons 3 and 4, respectively; the ELL intracellular domain is encoded by exons 7 to 9.

  • c PS, present study.