Shared indels from the chloroplast matK gene and the trnL-trnF region

Indel no.LocusPositionaSize (nt)Musa species (accessions concerned)
1matK32634015M. mannii, M. sanguinea, M. schizocarpa, M. balbisiana (LBA-342, 545, 852, BUT, LBA)
2trnL-trnF24726115M. balbisiana (I63-080, 1016, HDN-211, 626, CAM, EKE, HDN, I63, KTA, LVE, MPL, PBA, PKL, PKW, SIN)
3trnL-trnF34136525M. basjoo, M. itinerans
4trnL-trnF81383220M. mannii, M. ornata, M. sanguinea
  • a Position refers to single-gene alignments (i.e., not concatenated).