TZMbl neutralization data of gp41-adsorbed IgG

Patient and sampleaNeutralizing activity (IC50 [μg/ml])b
Tier 1 virus (clade)Tier 2 virus (clade)
MW965.26 (C)BaL.26 (B)SS1196.1 (B)SF162.LS (B)DJ263.8 (A)6535.3 (B)RHPA4259.7 (B)TRO.11 (B)
Patient 1
Patient 2
Patient 3
  • a IgG refers to the neutralizing activity in patients' total IgG fraction, whereas gp41neg refers to the activity in the gp41-depleted fraction, and gp41pos refers to the activity in the eluate of anti-gp41 antibodies after gp41 binding.

  • b Values in boldface represent the concentrations at which the tested serum samples showed 50% neutralization. *, values that almost reached the IC50 at the highest concentration tested; NT, not tested.