Tissue virus loadsa

Tissue and compartmentVL (copies/106 cells)b
Mmu 35389 (received HAART; plasma VL, 19; CSF VL, <50)Mmu 35339 (received HAART; plasma VL, 11; CSF VL, <50)Mmu 35343 (received HAART; plasma VL, 28; CSF VL, <50)Mmu 35342 (received HAART; plasma VL, 20; CSF VL, <50)Mmu 35349 (received HAART; plasma VL, 17; CSF VL, <50)Mmu 35483 (no HAART; plasma VL, 128,084; CSF VL, 18,681)
Lymphoid tissues
    Mesenteric lymph node34081,100754,000465202208909813,0004,800
    Axial lymph node1,2001777324803601,600796407102,30097,000
    Inguinal lymph node5102689116,800130110300290<16,100200,000
    Iliac lymph node440887462,400260310646013010,00067,000
    Cervical lymph node1,200195101004934035011320792,50012,000
    Bone marrow10<1<1<1340<118<1<1<11790
GI tract
Neurological tissues
    Choroid plexus15<1<1<1<1<1<1<15<11013
    Cervical spinal cord7<1<1<1<1<1<1<1<1<1<14
    Lumbar spinal cord4<14<1220<136<1<1<1<16
Reproductive tissues
    Seminal vesicles20<10<130<136<14<160150
  • a All tissue values are the means for two different tissue samples of each tissue. All values are normalized to 2 × 106 copies of cellular IL-2 DNA measured in each sample.

  • b Virus loads in plasma and CSF are given as copies of RT-SHIV RNA per ml of fluid.