Asparagine-to-alanine mutagenesis of MHV nsp4

Primer nameSequenceaPurpose
N176A Sense5′-GCC GCC TCT CTG TAT AGT TCT TTG GCT-3′Mutagenesis for N176A
N176A Antisense5′P-GTG CAT AAC ACC CCC TGT ATA ACA ATA AGG-3′Mutagenesis for N176A
N237A Sense5′-GCC CGT TCA TGG GTA TTG AAC AAC CCG TAT-3′Mutagenesis for N237A
N237A Antisense5′P-AAA ATT AAA GCA GAT ACC CTC CTC GGC-3′Mutagenesis for N237A
  • a Underlined letters denote nucleotides used to introduce alanine substitutions.