Proteins identified in DNA affinity chromatography which bind only to the MR or have higher binding affinity to the MR than the mutants

NameaAccession no.Predicted molecular mass (kDa)No. of peptides identified in MR pulldownFunction(s)
DNA topoisomerase IIβIPI0021770918346Control and alter the topologic states of DNA during transcription and replication; DNA damage response
DNA topoisomerase IIαIPI0021875317937Control and alter the topologic states of DNA during transcription and replication
Structural maintenance of chromosome 1IPI002919391435Mitotic spindle organization and biogenesis; DNA repair
Structural maintenance of chromosome 3IPI002194201425Mitotic spindle organization and biogenesis
AF5q31 proteinIPI000043441274Transcription regulation
Scaffold attachment factor BIPI003006311035Nuclear matrix component; transcription regulation
M-phase phosphoprotein 8IPI00030408973N/Ab
Gamma interferon-inducible protein Ifi-16IPI00003443889Transcription regulation; DNA damage signaling; cell cycle checkpoint
Structure-specific recognition protein 1IPI00005154815Transcription regulation; chromatin remodeling; DNA replication
DEAD box polypeptide 17 isoform p82IPI00023785808RNA metabolism
Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein M isoform aIPI00171903784RNA metabolism
Splicing factor proline/glutamine-rich (SFPQ)IPI00010740763RNA metabolism; DNA repair
Lamina-associated polypeptide 2αIPI002162307533Nuclear architecture
Interleukin enhancer-binding factor 3IPI00219330756Transcription regulation
ALB proteinIPI00022434723Carrier protein
Probable RNA-dependent helicase p68IPI00017617699RNA processing
Nucleolar protein Nop56IPI00411937663RNA processing
Telomeric repeat binding factor 2IPI00024214566Telomere maintenance; DNA replication
Serine/threonine-protein kinase VRK3IPI000092915311Protein binding
DERPCIPI00171540515DNA replication
Elongation factor 1-α 2IPI00014424502Protein synthesis
Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein H1IPI00013881492RNA processing
KH domain-containing, RNA binding, signal transduction-associated protein 1 (Sam68)IPI00008575488RNA processing
Gamma interferon-inducible protein Ifi-16 isoform 4IPI003848364710Transcription regulation
JKTBP2IPI00011274463RNA processing
SRP55-1 of splicing factorIPI00012345402RNA processing
Pre-mRNA cleavage factor I 25-kDa subunitIPI00012995262RNA processing
FUS-interacting serine-arginine-rich protein 1IPI00009071222RNA processing
CGG triplet repeat binding protein 1IPI002955851912Transcription regulation
  • a Proteins in bold are six proteins that have previously been described as either LANA-interacting proteins or proteins which bind to the full-length TRs (41).

  • b N/A, not applicable.