History of the viruses used in this study

SerogroupVirusStrainaPassage history (animal or cell type and no. of passages)aDate stock was freeze-dried (mo/day/yr)aGeographic region of originbVertebrate host associationbIllness in humansbVectorbIsolation yearb
Anopheles AANAVNAcMouse, 912/23/1984South AmericaNANAMosquito1940
TCMVBeAn73NA7/21/2001South AmericaHuman, bat, primate, bird, horseYesMosquito1955
Anopheles BANBVNAMouse, 1792/15/1968South AmericaNANAMosquito1940
BORVSPAr395Mouse, 46/21/1965South AmericaNANAMosquito1962
TeteTETEVSA An3518Mouse, 7; Vero, 1; mouse, 17/12/1984AfricaBirdNANA1959
BMAVDAK AnB1292Mouse, 812/15/1984AfricaBirdNATick1970
  • a Information provided by R. E. Shope.

  • b Taken from references 8 and 19.

  • c NA, not available or unknown.