Enzymatic parameters measured for the short- and long-stalk NA

A/Hong Kong/486/97 NA typeKm (μM)aVmax (fluo AU/s)a,bVmax ratioc
Short stalk59 ± 70.76 ± 0.125.8
Long stalk50 ± 110.13 ± 0.025.8
  • a The results are given as the mean ± standard deviation from two (short-stalk NA) or three (long-stalk NA) independent determinations, on duplicate samples using two independent plasmid clones for NA expression.

  • b The difference in Vmax was found to be significant (P < 0.001) using Student's t test. fluo AU, fluorescence units.

  • c V max ratio of short-stalk NA to long-stalk NA.