Comparison of characteristics in the genomes of group 3a, group 3b, and group 3c CoVs

Group (CoV[s])Coding potentialTRS sequence
Small ORFs between S and ESmall ORFs between M and NSmall ORFs downstream from Na
3a (IBV, TCoV)NS3a, -3bNS5a, -5b (IBV), ORFx, NS5a, -5b (TCoV)CUUAACAA
3b (SW1)NS5a, -5b, -5c, -6, -7, -8, -9, -10AAACA
3cNS6NS7a, -7b, -7cACACCA
  • a Newly discovered CoVs from geese, ducks, and pigeons contain small ORFs (orfx and orfy) downstream from N.