Comparison of the ability of the target cell-limited model and variants including anti-gp41 antibodies to fit early plasma VL kinetic data

Subject no.Fit of the indicated model (P value)aBest-fitting model
CE model:ID modelCDE model
62400.3200.3260.2660.9750.9770.9750.9750.9751.000Target cell limited
62461.0001.0001.0001.0001.0001.0001.0001.0001.000Target cell limited
90320.0040.0060.0010.0050.0060.0060.890.0110.923CE or ID
90770.5670.9980.6870.6040.9980.6230.7220.9980.991Target cell limited
90790.9920.9940.9600.9980.6490.9920.9640.0700.598Target cell limited
120080.5660.6070.5900.6480.5460.6571.0001.0001.000Target cell limited
  • a The VL data from each donor was fit using the target cell-limited model and models that incorporated the effects of anti-gp41 IgG or IgM and IgG plus IgM. CE, clearance enhanced; ID, infectivity diminished; CDE, cell death enhanced. The models with antibody effects include one additional parameter, which when set to zero reduces the model to the target cell-limited model. An F-test was used to determine if any of the models including antibody fit the VL data significantly better than the target cell-model. The table gives the P values computed from the F-test.