Neutralization sensitivity of superinfecting, initial, and early variants of HIV-1 to a pool of plasma from HIV-1 infected individuals

HIV-1 variant typeaNo. of subjectsMedian IC50bP valuec
  • a Initial variants from the superinfection cases were cloned at the time point when the superinfecting variants were first detected. Early variants represent full-length functional HIV-1 variants from within 1 year of infection that were cloned from individuals infected with subtypes A, A/D recombinant, C, and D in Kenya. The plasma pool was collected from 30 HIV-1-infected individuals in Kenya between 1998 and 2000 and has been previously described (13).

  • b Since more than one variant was examined from each subject and these variants might be more similar to each other than those from other subjects, a median IC50 value of all the variants per person was determined. These per person IC50 values were then used to compare between superinfecting, initial, and early variants.

  • c P values were determined by two-sample Wilcoxon rank sum testing for superinfecting variants compared to either initial or early variants.