Rescue of Prague viruses with PA chimerasa

VirusbDetection of virus in eggs
Passage 1Passage 2
Prague/Pr(Yok 1-100)PA+
Prague/Pr(Yok 1-200)PA+
Prague/Pr(Yok 1-300)PA+
Prague/Pr(Yok 1-400)PA+
Prague/Pr(Yok 1-500)PA+
Prague/Pr(Yok 1-600)PA+
Prague/Pr(Yok 101-716)PA+
Prague/Pr(Yok 201-716)PA+
Prague/Pr(Yok 301-716)PA+
Prague/Pr(Yok 401-716)PA+
Prague/Pr(Yok 501-716)PA+
Prague/Pr(Yok 601-716)PA+
Prague/Yok PAc
  • a Prague viruses possessing chimeric PA genes were generated as described in Materials and Methods. The transfection supernatant was inoculated into the allantoic cavities of 10-day-old chicken embryonated eggs. The presence of virus was confirmed by HA assay. A second passage in eggs was performed for those viruses that could not be detected after the first passage in eggs. +, virus was detected by HA assay; −, virus was not detected by HA assay.

  • b The Prague viruses with PA chimeras were named according to the chimeric PAs they contained.

  • c Single-gene reassortant Prague virus containing Yokohama PA.