Clinical characteristics and UDPS results for 22 antiretroviral-naive persons with T215 revertants by standard direct PCR Sanger sequencing

Patient no.Year of sampleNo. of mos infectedaHIV-1 RNA (log copies/ml)bCD4 count (cells/μl)Virion count (no.)cT215 revertantdDirect PCR Sanger sequence resulteAdditional UDPS mutation(s) (% of reads with mutation)e
18161998≥365.2360160DE83RK28Q (2), 36K (2), 40A (2), 41L (11), 42K (2), 102R (6), 123E (6), 142V (12), 173R (15)
39301999<185.539080C83K, 123E, 135T, 177E, 197L, 200TI, 207AE, 211K20R (21), 215D (7)
52611999NA4.819040D20R, 60I, 83K, 123E, 135T, 177E, 202ILF 211K135V (8)
79002000≥365.5680320C68G, 102Q, 108I, 123E, 135T, 166R, 177E, 178L, 208Y, 211K39I (12), 83K (2), 90I (5), 166R (9)
96502001244.912140D41L, 60VI, 98S, 135T, 162C, 197E, 211K189I (3), 200A (8)
146612002NA>5.790160DA121Y, 122E, 162C, 177E172K (6), 178M (3), 200A/I (4/4), 215E/S (1.1, 1.0)
164122003NA5.474160S35M, 39A, 67N, 70S, 98S, 102Q, 122E, 123SN, 169D, 177E, 196E, 211RK166R (3), 200A (5), 215C (1.0)
164072003NA5.313380S20R, 142V, 207E, 211KNone
23835200434.348680S11R, 41L, 79ED, 121Y, 122E, 176S, 196E, 211K,39A (3.2), 162N (2), 177E (2), 178V (5), 184I (1.1)
183312004NA>5.7176480S68G, 122E, 123E, 200ANone
278702004≥30>5.7465160E20R, 64KR, 135V, 142M, 162C, 211K122E (3), K173E (2), 200A (9), 211Q/E/N (10/5/2)
256742005≤365.031040C68G, 102Q, 123E, 135T, 177E, 178L, H208Y, 211K108I (3), 200A (5), 189I (2)
25000200535.2170160E20R, 41L, 60I192N (2)
302152005NA4.7228160S60I, 122KE, 135T, 142V, 207E121H (5)
264202005≥304.4395160C39A, 41L, 67N, 69D, 102KR, 104R, 118VI, 135T, 173SN, 200A, 207E, 210LW, 211KT, 214L60I (10), 106I (18), 162N (2), 173I (2), 174H (16), 207G/K/D (9/5/5), 210S/R/G (17/3/2), 215S (25)
256852005NA>5.735480S60I, 68SG, 200A, 211K41L (2), 122E (5.0), 211A/Q (10/1.8)
2797920062>5.7486>480C68G, 102Q, 123E, 135T, 177E, 178L, 208Y, 211K36K (2), 192N (2), 200I (10)
301542006≥35.076320E16T, 20R, 60I, 83K, 162YH, 211N,69A (3), 70R (4), 75I (1.0), 77L (1.0), 79D (8), V118I (3), 135T (35)
301952006545.3390320E41L, 50V, 60I, 64R, 104KR, 106VI, 142V, 162C, 211K11R (3), 48T (2), 139A (2)
37991200664.467380D68SN, 98S, 122E, 123E, 135T, 207E126R (3), 146H (2), 177A (5), 207K (10)
392102007NA>5.730>480D6D, 68G, 83KR, 135A, 169DE, 202V, 210W60I (10), 108I (1.8), 122E (6), 135V (10), 200A (9)
421192007≥605.236380C6D, 8I, 68G, 118I, 135T, 174H, 200TA, 202V, 207E207G (3)
  • a Estimate of how many months a person had been infected with HIV-1 based on available serological test results. NA, not available.

  • b Plasma HIV-1 RNA level.

  • c Estimated number of independent virus templates submitted for UDPS based on limiting dilution titration. The eight counts in boldface type are from the samples for which cDNA was amplified using PfuUltr.

  • d Revertant detected by direct PCR sequencing.

  • e Mutations in bold are nonpolymorphic known RT inhibitor resistance mutations. Mutations in underlined and in bold are nonpolymorphic RT inhibitor resistance mutations detected only by UDPS. Underlined but unbolded mutations are T215 revertants detected only by UDPS. The prevalence of minor variants is rounded to the nearest integer except when the prevalence is between 1.0% to 1.9%.