Naturally occurring CVB strains used in this studya

Virus strainHeart phenotypebPancreas phenotypebReference(s)
CVB3/MMyocarditicPancreovirulent67, 104, 105
CVB3/ZUMyocarditicPancreovirulent104, 105
CVB3/ASMyocarditicPancreovirulent104, 105
CVB3/OLNot virulentPancreovirulent105
CVB3/CONot virulentPancreovirulent104
CVB3/GANot virulentNot virulent104, 105
CVB4/EdwardsNot knownPancreovirulent59, 75, 94, 112
CVB4/JVB BenschotenNot knownNot known24
  • a References direct the reader to data pertaining to the characterization of the phenotypes.

  • b “Myocarditic” is defined as the ability to induce inflammatory lesions in mouse heart muscle within 5 to 8 days of inoculation in all or the majority of mice. “Pancreovirulent” is defined as the ability to induce inflammation of mouse pancreatic acinar tissue (pancreatitis) within 2 to 4 days of inoculation in all or many mice. “Not virulent” is defined as inducing no observable inflammatory disease or tissue destruction in any of the mice.