Comparison of dN and dS rates within and outside the Nef159-167 YY9 epitopea

RegionMean rate ± SE
Epitope0.0804 ± 0.0133b0.0039 ± 0.0025
Remainder0.0053 ± 0.0016c0.0090 ± 0.0024
  • a dN and dS rates with respect to the wild-type SIVmac239 sequence are shown for chronic-phase viral cDNA clones (see Fig. 6). dN and dS were calculated for the epitope coding region and the remainder of the amplicon (≈400 bp) for each animal. P values refer to differences between dN and dS in the epitope or remainder.

  • b P < 0.0005.

  • c P < 0.05.