Analysis of ΔBFLF2 mutant infection phenotype

VirusqPCR analysis (no. of genome equivalents/ml supernatant)aRaji cell infection (no. of green Raji units/ml supernatant)bNo. of bound genome equivalents/B cellc,fB-cell infection (% EBNA2-positive cells)d,fB-cell transformation (% outgrowth)e,f
EBV-wt7 × 1072 × 1064.444100
ΔBFLF22 × 1065 × 1030.333
ΔBFLF2-C4 × 1071.5 × 106436100
  • a Mean values obtained from three different virus stocks are shown.

  • b GFP-positive cells were counted 3 days after infection. Mean values from three different infection experiments are shown.

  • c Resting B cells were incubated for 3 h on ice with virus supernatant, and the number of bound mature particles per cell was determined by qPCR after DNA extraction.

  • d Primary B cells were stained for EBNA2 expression at 3 days postinfection.

  • e Outgrowth of LCL clones (total of 288 wells per supernatant) was visually scored at 4 weeks after infection.

  • f Infection experiments were performed at an MOI of 10 qPCR genome equivalents of virus/cell, and mean values obtained from three independent experiments are shown.