Twenty JCV isolates whose complete DNA sequences were determined in this study and analyzed by using the whole-genome approach

PopulationIsolateGenotypeaAccession no.b
Second-generation Japanese-AmericansJ2-10CY AB081600
J2-24MY AB081601
Third-generation Japanese-AmericansJ3-3MY AB081604
J3-7CY AB081605
J3-8MY AB081606
J3-9CY AB081607
J3-11CY AB081602
J3-13aCY AB081603
Southern CaliforniansLA-2SC AB081611
LA-4SC AB081616
LA-11MY AB081608
LA-13EU AB081609
LA-17CY AB081610
LA-27MY AB081612
LA-28B1-d AB081613
LA-29MY AB081614
LA-31EU AB081615
Native Japanesec MSCY AB081654
SICY AB081617
UACY AB081618
  • a Determined according to a phylogenetic analysis using the whole-genome approach (Fig. 1).

  • b GSDB, DDBJ, EMBL, and NCBI nucleotide sequence databases.

  • c Reported previously (40).