HLA-A1-positive subjects included for the analysis of ATDALMTGY1436-1444-specific T cells

GenotypeSubjectAge (yr)SexaALT (U/liter)Viral load (IU/ml)HLA alleles% IFN-γ+/CD8+ ATDALMTGY1436-1444b
1b1b-Ch172F911,500,000A1, A23, B35, B49Negd
1b-Ch232M104375,000A1, A11, B7, B80.41
1b-Ch338M681,140,000A1, A11, B52, B616.62
1b-Ch419M8830,000A1, A31, B60Neg
1b-Ch554M7622,000A1, B820.53
1b-Ch641M55>8,000,000A1, B8, B170.59
1b-Ch764F120566,000A1, A29, B8, B44Neg
1b-Ch840M238340,000A1, A3, B35, B638.58
1b-Ch922M55580,000A1, A3, B8, B35Neg
1b-Ch1030M1972,800,000A1, A24, B8, B35Neg
3a3a-Ch147M1411,000,000A1, A3, B7, B350.33
3a-Ch218M4502,000,000A1, A3, B44Neg
3a-Ch337F5861,000A1, A28, B13, B51Neg
3a-Ch432F14213,000A1, A2, B7, B61Neg
3a-Ch541F139188,000A1, A26, B8, 351.23
3a-Ch641M1705,800A1, A24, B7, B8Neg
3a-Ch741F61220,000A1, A3, B8, B446.37
3a-Ch834F7833,000A1, A2, B7, B13Neg
3a-Ch948M243,080,000A1, A32cNeg
3a-Ch1021M1841,100,000A1, A2, B8, B444.27
  • a F, female; M, male.

  • b After 14 days of in vitro stimulation.

  • c B alleles were not determined.

  • d Neg, negative.