Profiles of HIV-1-infected patients and virus isolated from their blood

PatientClinical statusaCD4 count (cells/μl)Plasma HIV-1 RNA (copies/ml)bPlasma HIV-1 HMA resultcT-cell-associated virusB-cell-associated virus
HIV-1 RNA (copies/106 cells)Days in culturedp24, pg/mleCoreceptor usagefHIV-1 RNA (copies/106 cells)Days in culturedp24, pg/mleCoreceptor usagef
1AIDS, nonadherence20211,232Low26,0003365 (4)R54,6003100 (3)R5
2Asym, naive483100,730High15,0003-4320 (3)R54,7003-4120 (2)R5
3AIDS, nonadherence98762,743High35,0003100 (4)R517,0003100 (3)R5
4AIDS, nonadherence188249,966ModNDg3400 (4)R5ND51,700 (7)R5
5AIDS, nonadherence6417,389High65,0003-7135 (5)X4 (R5)6,5004115 (4)X4 (R5)
6AIDS, nonadherence9216,989High5,40024,000 (2)X4 (R5)1,4002-4750 (2)X4 (R5)
7AIDS, failure108133,822Low44,0003100 (3)R517,0003100 (2)R5
8AIDS, nonadherence13647,489High12,0003200 (3)X4 (R5)1,0003110 (3)X4 (R5)
9AIDS, nonadherence17065,433Mod55,00031,400 (4)X413,0003100 (3)X4
10AIDS, failure6194,638Low6,7004188 (7)X4, R58,3004253 (6)X4, R5
11AIDS, failure53244,174High51,0003200 (4)X44,7003700 (2)X4
12Asym, interruption316166,143Mod42,00041,316 (1)R514,0004110 (1)R5
13Asym, interruption1,573109,850High1,8004250 (1)R51,0004284 (1)R5
14Asym, interruption797241,785LowND3100 (4)R5ND6250 (1)R5
15Asym, interruption200116,083Low19,0003760 (7)R560091,100 (2)R5
  • a Asym, aymptomatic; nonadherence, naive, failure, and interruption refer to antiretroviral therapy.

  • b As measured by the Chiron bDNA assay, with a detection limit of 50 copies/ml.

  • c Level of heterogeneity observed in HIV-1 RNA derived from 0.1 ml of plasma; low, 1 to 3 distinct bands; mod, 1 to 3 distinct bands with smears or 4 to 6 distinct bands; high, >6 bands with or without smears. Mod, moderate.

  • d Coculture day on which supernatants were collected for HIV-1 RNA isolation.

  • e Average release of p24 in supernatants of pooled wells (number of wells pooled).

  • f Coreceptor usage of isolated virus was evaluated with U87-CD4 cell lines expressing CCR5 (R5) or CXCR4 (X4). R5 in parentheses indicates minor usage of CCR5.

  • g ND, not determined.