Nuclease family

CategoryProteinaOrganismbAbbreviationEntrez accession no.
DNA polymerase associated proteinsDNA polymerase IB. burgdorferiBbu POLI2688462
DNA polymerase IB. caldotenaxBca POLI416913
DNA polymerase IBacillus stearothermophilusBst POLI3041672
DNA polymerase IEscherichia coliEco POLI118825
DNA polymerase IHelicobacter pyloriHpy POLI2494177
DNA polymerase IStreptococcus pneumoniaeSpn POLI118827
DNA polymeraseThermus aquaticusTaq POLI1942938
ExonucleaseE. coliEco EXO2507020
ExonucleaseMycoplasma pneumoniaeMpn EX532494184
ExonucleaseBacillus subtilisBsu YPCP1730895
YY30Mycobacterium tuberculosisMtu YY301731347
ExodeoxyribonucleaseBacteriophage T5T5 EXO5119684
RNase HColiphage T4T4 RNH133162
ExodeoxyribonucleaseBacteriophage T3T3 EXRN119705
IXPG proteinsXPGC. elegansCel XPG2773206
XPGXenopus laevisXle XPG267421
XPGHomo sapiensHsa XPG267420
XPGMus musculusMmu XPG549454
Flap endonucleasesFlap endonuclease 1X. laevisXle FEN12674207
Flap endonuclease 1M. musculusMmu FEN1729476
Flap endonuclease 1H. sapiensHsa FEN1729475
RAD2 DNA repair proteinsYEN1Saccharomyces cerevisiaeSce YEN1731457
RAD2C. elegansCel RAD2529362
Exonuclease ISchizosaccharomyces pombeSpo EXOI1706728
DIN7S. cerevisiaeSce DIN72501673
Exonuclease IS. cerevisiaeSce EXOI1706421
TOSCADrosophila melanogasterDme TOSCA1419489
RAD2S. cerevisiaeSce RAD2131811
RAD13S. pombeSpo RAD13131777
RA27S. cerevisiaeSce RA27140964
RAD2S. pombeSpo RAD2730469
YA31S. pombeSpo YA311175380
RAD2A. julgidusAfu RAD22650376
RAD2Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicumMth RAD22622760
RAD2M. jannaschiiMja RAD22127857
  • a Nucleases with which Vhs shares homology.

  • b Organisms from which the Vhs homologues are obtained.