Two multivariable models showing the contributions of HLA class I and nongenetic host factors to variation in HIV-1 RNA level

Patient characteristicGLM P value in model 1aGLM P value in Model 2b
Age (per yr)0.0080.005
Sex (female vs male)0.0790.096
HLA markers
    A*02-Cw*16 (n = 15)0.106NA
    A*23-B*14 (n = 12)0.0640.045
    A*23-Cw*07 (n = 18)0.185NA
    A*29-B*42 (n = 11)0.199NA
    A*30-Cw*03 (n = 12)0.0140.010
    A*68 (n = 74)0.207NA
    A*74-B*15 (n = 12)0.113NA
    B*13 (n = 10)0.0350.003
    B*18 (n = 14)0.116NA
    B*39 (n = 9)0.0070.003
    B*41 (n = 7)0.402NA
    B*45 (n = 44)0.867NA
    B*57 (n = 18)<0.0001<0.0001
    Cw*18, no B*57 (n = 17)0.0470.030
    B*35 (n = 17)0.990NA
    B*53 (n = 58)0.473NA
  • a Based on the univariate aNAlyses (except for B*35 and B*53) shown in Tables 3 to 5.

  • b Based on all markers with an adjusted P < 0.10 in multivariable Model 1. NA, not applicable: dropped out of the fiNAl model when P > 0.05.

  • c Three HIV-1 seropositive patient groups (TPDs, transmission pair SCs, and discordant pair seropositives).