Diarrhea, fecal virus shedding, and viremia detected by RT-PCR and seroconversion detected by immunocytochemistry in Gn calves inoculated with HuNoV-HS66 or mock-inoculated controlsa

Inoculum (no. of calves)Mean no. of days of virus shedding (range)DiarrheabNo. of calves positive/total no. of calves (%)
No. of calves positive/total no. of calves (%)Mean no. of days (range)Mean cumulative scorec (range)ViremiadSeroconversioneCoproconversione
HS66 (n = 5)3 (1-6)5/5 (100)3 (2-6)10 (2-14)1/5 (20)2/3 (67)3/3 (100)
Control (n = 4)01/5 (20)02 (1-4)0/5 (0)0/2 (0)0/2 (0)
  • a Due to the small number of animals used in the study, statistical significance was omitted.

  • b Diarrhea was deemed to be present if fecal swab scores were ≥2 after inoculation.

  • c Represents the sum of daily rectal swab scores from PIDs 1 to 6 of each calf divided by the number of calves in that group.

  • d Viremia was determined by RT-PCR on PID 2.

  • e Seroconversion and Ab titers in IC were determined by immunocytochemistry (HS66 recombinant baculovirus-infected Sf9 cell staining assay) at PIDs 21 and/or 28.