Sensitivity to RNase pretreatment of the association between Pol II and δAg in 293-HDV cells

Assay% IP with antibody to Pol II or δAG or no antibodya:
NoneδAgNonePol II (4H8)
Assay for HDV genomic RNA3.020.927.40.02<0.020.4711.615.00.02<0.02
Assay for δAg4.229.127.628.221.3<
Assay for Pol II (4H8)
  • a Aliquots of the nuclear fraction of TET-induced 293T-HDV cells were subjected to DNase treatment, with or without the presence of RNase at the concentrations indicated (in μg/ml) in the subheadings. Samples were subjected to IP using either antibody to δAg or Pol II (4H8). The negative controls (None) were preimmune rabbit serum instead of rabbit anti-δAg and empty beads for anti-Pol II. Samples were assayed by immunoblotting for δAg and Pol II and by qPCR for genomic HDV RNA. The values for the percentage of the total collected by IP were deduced and are shown in the table.