Activation marker expression on CD4+ T and B220+ B cells in response to MMTV Saga

Cell typeMarkerExpressionb
B220+CD8629.8 ± ± 2.29.8
B220+CD8015.6 ± 2.910.89.2 ± 0.78.0
CD4+CD2510.0 ± ± 0.68.0
CD4+CD40L7.1 ± ± 0.61.8
  • a Mice were injected with MMTV(FM), and 4 days later, lymphocytes in the draining (D) and contralateral nondraining (ND) lymph nodes were examined by FACS for the different cell surface markers.

  • b Shown are the percentages of total B220+ B cells or CD4+ T cells that expressed each marker; n = 3 mice per group. Nondraining lymph nodes from the three mice were pooled for analysis.