Reported specificities of Pol II antibodies used in this studya

AntibodyCommercial sourceReported specificity within CTDSource or reference(s)
4H8AbcamAll forms of Pol II3
Phosphorylated serine-533
8WG16CovanceAll unphosphorylated forms3
Unphosphorylated serine-237
H14CovancePhosphorylated serine-59, 26
Weak response to unphosphorylated formsCovance
H5AbcamPhosphorylated serine-29, 26
Phosphorylated serine 2 and/or serine-529
Weak response to unphosphorylated formsCovance
  • a This summary of specificities reported for each antibody represent an updated form of data tabulated by Palancade and Bensaude (31). Some of the discrepancies may have arisen because the antibodies were used in different experimental situations.