SIVmac239-specific CD4+ T-cell epitope localization, mapping, and restricting MHC-II allele

SIV proteinPool position (aa)aPool mapping (sequence)bMapped epitope (sequence)MHC-II restricting allele
GagMatrix (81-131)Gag97-111 TE15 (TEEAKQIVQRHLVVE); Gag101-115 KT15 (KQIVQRHLVVETGTT)Gag102-111 QE10 (QIVQRHLVVE); Gag103-112 IT10 (IVQRHLVVETMamu-DRB*w606
Capsid (161-211)Gag181-195 CD15 (CTPYDINQMLNCVGD)Gag184-193 YV10 (YDINQMLNCV)Mamu-DRB*w2104
Capsid (161-211)Gag197-211 QA15 (QAAMQIIRDIINEEA)Gag200-210 ME11 (MQIIRDIINEE)Mamu-DRB1*0306
VpxVpx (1-43)Vpx29-43 VE15 (VEEINREAVNHLPRE)Vpx31-40 EL10 (EINREAVNHL); Vpx32-41 IP10 (INREAVNHLP)Mamu-DRB1*1003
RevRev (1-51)Rev9-23 ET15 (ELRKRLRLIHLLHQT); Rev13-27 RY15 (RLRLIHLLHQTINPY)Rev13-23 RT11 (RLRLIHLLHQT)Mamu-DPB1*06
NefNef (126-176)Nef138-152 RI15 (RHRILDIYLEKEEGI)Nef141-150 IE10 (ILDIYLEKEE); Nef142-151 LG10 (LDIYLEKEEG)Mamu-DRB*w606
  • a SIVmac239 amino acid (aa) region that elicited a SIV-specific CD4+ T-cell response using peptide pools of 10 peptides of 15 amino acids in length overlapping by 11 amino acids.

  • b Pool mapping indicates the peptide (15 amino acids in length) that was found to elicit the highest IFN-γ secretion from SIV pool-specific CD4+ T cells (Fig. 1B).