Phenotypic and genotypic properties of JEV variants

VirusPlaque sizeaIsolation parameters Change in E genebChange in E proteinHeparin sensitivitycNeuroinvasiveness
Days p.i.MouseTissue
Js1SmallNANANA1893G→A306 E→KYesLow
Jr2Large4CBrainNCNCNTf NT
Jr3Large2ALiver1896A→G, 2364C→Te 307 K→ENoIntermediate
Jr4Large2ALiver1896A→G, 2364C→Te 307 K→ENTNT
Jr5Small2BLiver1893G→A306 E→KYesNT
Jr6Large4DSpleen1757A→Ge NCNoNT
Jr7Large4DSpleen1757A→Ge NCNTNT
Jr8Small4DSpleen1893G→A306 E→KYesNT
  • a Plaque size on Vero cell monolayers: large, ∼3 mm; small, ∼0.5 mm.

  • b No nucleotide differences were found in the M protein gene. NC, no change from Nakayama sequence.

  • c Inhibition of plaque formation in BHK-21 cells by heparin (200 μg/ml). No, inhibition of < 30%; yes, inhibition of >80%.

  • d NA, not applicable.

  • e Silent nucleotide change.

  • f NT, not tested.