Infection assay for wild-type HEV and mutants

InoculumaNo. of positive cellsb
Wild-type virus34, 32
ORF2-null mutant virus0, 0
HEV replicon encoding GFP0, 0
  • a Inocula were prepared by transfecting 10-3 cells in parallel with the indicated genomes and harvesting the cells on day 9.

  • b Cultures were inoculated with identical amounts of cell lysate, and the number of cells per well exhibiting green fluorescence due to immunofluorescence staining of ORF2 (wild-type virus) or ORF3 protein (ORF2-null mutant) with Alexa Fluor 488 or due to production of GFP (replicon) were tallied. The values for duplicate samples are given.