Nuclear localization during HDV genome replicationa

Experiment no. (day)b% δAg% Genomic δRNA% Antigenomic δRNA% 18S rRNA
1 (12)2712478
2 (12)20225322
3 (4)13284611
4 (4)2096113
  • a The data quantitated are as described for panels A to D in the legend to Fig. 1. Shown are the percentages in the nuclear fraction of total detected δAg, genomic and antigenomic δRNA, and 18S rRNA.

  • b These four experiments represent individual fractionations of HuH7 cells transfected, in duplicate, 12 or 4 days previously. Figure 1 shows the data for experiments 1 and 2 only. Quantitation of δAg refers to both small and large forms.