Summary of fusion assay data obtained with B and epithelial cellsa

Transfected glycoproteins(s)Native fusionSoluble gp42Soluble gp42-ΔN86Soluble gH/gLSoluble gH/gL/gp42Peptide gp42-36-65
B-cell fusionb
    gH, gL, gB, gp42High?
    gH, gL, gBNone
    gH, gLNoneNDdND
    gB, gp42NoneNDND
Epithelial cell fusionc
    gH, gL, gBHighe
    gH, gLNoneNDND
  • a Native fusion levels measured as quantified luciferase are listed as above the background level (high) or at the background level (none). The overall fusion trend of adding increasing amounts of soluble proteins or peptide to the fusion assay is indicated as increased fusion (↑), decreased fusion (↓), or no effect on fusion (—). ?, overall trend of fusion change is unclear (see text).

  • b Fusion of Daudi B cells and transfected CHO cells.

  • c Fusion of 293T epithelial cells and CHO cells.

  • d ND, not done.

  • e At a high concentration, a small decrease in fusion was observed.