Efficacy of vaccination with MV-GFP

Mouse groupaChallenge routebSerum CEA level (ng/ml) (mean ± SD)c
Naivei.v.458 ± 286.7
Naivei.p.7,840 ± 5,381.1
Vaccinatedi.p.7.8 ± 3.8
  • a Groups of five mice were vaccinated repeatedly with three doses of 107 TCID50 MV-GFP. Nonimmunized mice were used as controls.

  • b Immunized animals and controls were rechallenged by 107 TCID50 MV-CEA i.v. or i.p.

  • c On day 3 after MV-CEA injection, serum samples were diluted 1:10. The human CEA concentration was measured 3 days after rechallenge (i.p. or i.v.) with MV-CEA of the immunized IfnarKo-CD46Ge mice. The lowest detectable concentration by this test was >5 ng/ml.