Protective properties of mouse and human measles virus-specific serum antibodies and IgG preparations

Neutralization testaNeutralization antibody titer of mouse serumbNeutralization concn of mouse IgGcNeutralization antibody titer of human serumd
VN100<101,280<800 μg/ml25 μg/ml80160640
PRNT45-5310,965-12,853<800 μg/ml2.70-3.19 μg/ml1,0161,2655,511
FN100<4<4<1.75 mg/ml<1.75 mg/ml<4<44
  • a VN100, complete (100%) virus neutralization; PRNT, plaque reduction neutralization test (50% reduction of the virus input); FN100, complete (100%) cell-cell fusion inhibition.

  • b Neutralization antibody titer of pooled serum samples from MV-immunized (anti-MV) and control IfnarKo-CD46Ge mice.

  • c Neutralization concentration of the cold-ethanol-purified IgG from MV-GFP immunized (anti-MV) and control IfnarKo-CD46Ge mice.

  • d Serum samples from three MM patients were tested for neutralization antibody titer, and two of the three (S-1 and S-2) were selected for antibody enhancement experiments.