Inhibition of HIV-1BaL, Bx08, and TV1 by neutralizing MAbs, sCD4, and T20 when PHA-stimulated PBMC, macrophages, or iDC were used as target cells

MAb nameEpitope or targetIC90 (μg/ml)a
PHA-stimulated cellsiDCMacrophages
2F5gp41 (aa 662-667)30b40b50b1d2c6c0.0025f0.010.2c
IgG1 b12CD4 binding site25b50b>1001d2c>500.5d5c>40
447-52DCrown of the V3 loop50b50b>1002c5c>500.5d0.2e>50
4E10gp41 (aa 671-676)50b60b100b5c3c1.5d0.06e0.2e<0.1e
2G12gp120 (carbohydrate)20b100b>1001d2c5c0.05e0.1e1d
sCD4gp120 protein15b40b10c10b40b10c5c20b5c
T20gp41 fusion domain1d1d1d0.5d2c1d0.5d1d1d
  • a IC90 correspond to the concentrations (μg/ml) of MAbs or recombinant proteins that lead to a 90% reduction in the percentage of infected cells.

  • b Range, 11 to 100 μg/ml.

  • c Range, 2 to 10 μg/ml.

  • d Range, 0.3 to 1.9 μg/ml.

  • e Range, 0.05 to 0.2 μg/ml.

  • f Range, 0.005 to 0.04 μg/ml.