Trial schedule

GroupVaccineWkDoseRouteNo. of subjects in group (placebos)
pTHrHIVA-MVA.HIVApTHr.HIVA04 mgi.m.a12 (4)
pTHr.HIVA44 mgi.m.
2× MVA.HIVAMVA.HIVA0108i.d.12 (4)
  • a i.m., intramuscular in upper arm.

  • b i.d., intradermal in upper arm.

  • c Due to a trial delay, while all subjects in this group received their first vaccination, only 3 out of 12 received the second vaccination on schedule. Of the remaining nine, six received their second vaccination 6 to 9 months after the first vaccination, and three did not complete the schedule.