Accumulation of mutations in macaque V3

WkSampleFrequencyaAmino acid change(s) in Gagb
Viral RNA
24Concentrated plasma2/9L216S
Viral RNAc1/9L216S, D244E
3/9L216S, D244E, V375A
2/9L216S, D244E, V375M
1/9L216S, D244E, V375I
64Plasma8/10V145A, L216S, D244E, P376S
Viral RNA2/10P172S, L216S, D244E, V375A
  • a Number of clones with change(s)/total number of clones.

  • b Amplified gag fragments were subcloned into plasmids for sequencing. In general, mutations detected more than once are shown.

  • c We successfully obtained the gag fragments for sequencing from concentrated plasma in macaque V3 although we failed to amplify them in macaque V5 during the period of viral control.